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How to Account for Capital Assets

When it comes to accounting for capital assets, specifically depreciating capital assets, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) provides guidance to state and local governments for accounting processes. The GASB is responsible for the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for the private sector (corporate and business accounting), and it works […]

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Purchase Acquisition Accounting

Purchase acquisition accounting is the commonly accepted method to document the acquisition of another business on the balance sheet of the acquiring company. The business’ assets that are being acquired are documented on the acquiring firm’s books at fair market value. The fair market value – defined as what assets […]

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Noteworthy 2023 IRS Inflation Tax Changes and Accounting Considerations for High Inflation

With the world seeing inflation, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued guidance for tax filers. Based upon an October 2022 IRS News Release, there have been more than 60 adjustments in conjunction with its yearly inflation alterations. Highlights of inflation adjustments include increasing the married couples’ standard deduction for […]

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How Mark-to-Market Works in Accounting

According to the Harvard Business Review, mark-to-market accounting was what some attributed to the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. Economists such as Brian Wesbury and Steve Forbes attacked the so-called “fair value accounting” because it created further instability, leading to the eventual crash of the markets that prompted the Federal […]

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Dissecting the Revenue Recognition Principle

Some businesses, especially publicly traded ones, may choose accrual accounting to reduce volatility in earnings, while start-ups or small businesses may choose to go with a cash basis accounting option. A poll conducted by the Journal of Accountancy on Topic 606 discovered that one in five respondents reported that one […]

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Understanding Free Cash Flow

According to JP Morgan Chase & Co., there are some sobering statistics for businesses’ cash flow challenges. Understanding how cash flow is measured and analyzed is an important step for businesses to monitor and adjust their operations plan to increase the chances of becoming and staying cash flow positive. For […]

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